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Meet TED®. He Makes Workplace Safety A Breeze

Safety first. The cleverly designed Tracked Elevated Device (T.E.D.™) eliminates workplace risk associated with suspended load hazards. It is a highly efficient remote-control device for safely and efficiently hauling heavy loads. By using the variety of attachments available with TED®, he can also help protect against shoulder and [...]

Meet TED®. He Makes Workplace Safety A Breeze2024-03-19T13:32:27-06:00

Wabash’s Innovative Mining Solutions Are Designed To Save You Time And Money

Wabash Mfg. Inc. is a pioneer and major player in introducing exclusive custom mining equipment and custom support equipment for mining. Our innovative mining solutions come with  low-cost options. Here’s a bit more info on our custom mining equipment. Customized Mining Equipment Wabash Mfg. Inc. has a [...]

Wabash’s Innovative Mining Solutions Are Designed To Save You Time And Money2022-05-11T05:47:34-06:00

Wabash’s Fluid Hauling Vehicles Are Designed To Go The Distance

Wabash Mfg. Inc. provides custom oilfield support and fluid hauling vehicles in Canada built to provide protection from the harshest environments. Our clients have trusted us throughout the years for our wide array of oilfield and mining equipment, fluid hauling equipment, custom oilfield support equipment, and services and [...]

Wabash’s Fluid Hauling Vehicles Are Designed To Go The Distance2024-02-07T07:25:18-07:00


BODY TANKS FOR SALE Wabash Mfg. Inc. has body tanks ready for sale today and can mount them on your preferred chassis. Brenner Aluminum TC407 Capacity – 21,000 Liters (21m3) Compartments – 2 (For Weight Distribution Only) Products – Condensate, Crude Oil Pump Cabinet T & E 4” [...]

BODY TANKS2023-11-13T10:33:01-07:00


TRIDEM STIFF POLE PUPS AVAILABLE FOR SALE OR RENT Brenner stainless steel DOT407 Internally Baffled Capacity – 21,198 Liters (21.2 m3) Compartments – 1 Products – Crude Oil Products, water MAWP – 25 PSI 11R 24.5 rubber CVIP Inspected Tank Inspections Un-used Please contact one of our Sales [...]

TRIDEM STIFF POLE PUPS2023-11-13T09:50:54-07:00


PNEUMATIC DRY BULKERS AIR RIDE TRIAXLE – FOR SALE OR RENT Specification: Stephens Used Tridem Aluminum Vessel diversified to haul sand, cement, fly ash, lime, etc. Capacity: 1350 CU. FT. – 3 HOPPER Tare Weight: Approx. 6890 KG Baffles: (2) Alum Baffles Between Hoppers Manways: Remote controlled (mounted streetside on main [...]

PNEUMATIC DRY BULKERS2023-11-13T10:05:20-07:00
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