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TRIDEM TANKERS FOR SALE OR RENT Brenner Stainless Steel TC407 Capacity – 42,000 Litres (42m3) Compartments – 2 (For Weight Distribution Only) Products – Condensate, Crude Oil, Petroleum Distillate MAWP – 25 PSI Max Loading Temperature - 180° Lift Axles Catwalks Clean outs between each [...]

TRIDEM TANKERS2022-04-07T17:36:12-06:00


PNEUMATIC DRY BULKERS AIR RIDE TRIAXLE – FOR SALE OR RENT Specification: Stephens Used Tridem Aluminum Vessel diversified to haul sand, cement, fly ash, lime, etc. Capacity: 1350 CU. FT. – 3 HOPPER Tare Weight: Approx. 6890 KG Baffles: (2) Alum Baffles Between Hoppers Manways: Remote controlled (mounted streetside on main [...]

PNEUMATIC DRY BULKERS2021-04-05T14:07:16-06:00


Our NDT-tested gravel scoops can be shipped internationally. Made with industry standards and requirements in mind, they’re hard to beat. Find out more.

GRAVEL SCOOPS2021-07-15T15:44:06-06:00
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