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At Wabash Mfg. Inc, we are known through-out Western Canada for our wide-selection of diverse custom solutions. Our goal and mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products, even if the request is out of the ordinary. Some of the greatest thinkers and most successful people in the world have founded the greatest innovation out of odd requests.

For us, it fuels our passion and purpose to fulfill custom orders, no matter how odd, because our customers are that important to us. Some of our most notable innovative products and custom solutions are:

Tracked Elevating Device

In Western Canada, Wabash is known as the official distributor of this piece of equipment. Tracked Elevating Devices, or TED, are designed to reduce any potential work place injuries. The best part about this is the variety of attachments and accessories that comes with TED, further preventing any injuries from lifting heavy loads in the work place.

Custom Truck Decks

Whatever your requirements, Wabash offers the highest-quality custom truck decks, designed to meet your very specific needs. These vehicles are built entirely on your specifications and all entail the same heavy-duty and quality build. This is the pinnacle of Wabash innovation.

Salt Bath Trailer

No matter the custom manufacturing problem – we see endless opportunities and solutions. As the number one custom solution manufacturer in Western Canada, Wabash Mfg. Inc designed a full-scale insulated stainless-steel reservoir in order to store over 40 cubes of molten salt. Built by our experts surpassing all safety and longevity standards, this is one impressive piece of innovation.

Honey Storage Vessel

We once had a local honey producer in Western Canada that needed a custom honey storage vessel built. While you might think this is a complex request, our specialists rose to the occasion and created a specialized solution just for this customer. This is a mere example of our dedication to each customer and innovation.

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