At Wabash Mfg. Inc, we are known through-out
Western Canada for our wide-selection of diverse custom solutions.

Our goal and mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products, even if the request is out of the ordinary. Some of the greatest thinkers and most successful people in the world have founded the greatest innovation out of odd requests.

Innovation fuels our passion and purpose. We thrive at fulfilling custom orders, no matter how challenging, because our customers are that important to us. Some of our most notable innovative products and custom solutions are:

Steamer Truck

This custom steamer truck was designed to use in Northern Canada’s rugged mining environment. It can dispense hot water/steam at high volumes and pressures. The unit has adjustable temperature control and automatic shut-off safety features. The controls are accessible from the driver’s side cabinet which increases operator productivity and safety. It is engineered and manufactured with the expectation of a future manlift installation.

Power Distribution Skid

Custom Power Distribution Skids are available in any configuration to meet your needs. This unit includes 600 volt 200 amp inlet tied to a 400 amp gutter for additional wiring. This unit is equipped with a transformer and locking disconnects.

Solar Powered TC-44 Diesel Fueling Station

This remote refueling station is available with or without solar power option. Contact us today to order yours.

Adjustable Track Frame Platform

Track Frame Platform dimensions are customizable. This unit is:

  • 11’ long x 8’ deep steel platform with railing.
  • Easily adjustable height from 4’ to 7’. Self-leveling 30” wide stairs.
  • Engineered with a 2000lb capacity.

Anhydrous Ammonia Applicator

Wabash Mfg. Inc. designed and fabricated a Field Anhydrous Ammonia Applicator for agricultural use. This unit is pulled behind an air seeder and can fertilize 300 acres before filling up the ammonia tank.

Box Walkway

A Box Walkway is engineered to safely maintain the boxes of ultra-class haul trucks. It includes:

  • Forklift pockets and lift lugs for increase mobility.
  • Pivoting platform on the top that can be raised or lowered using a hand winch.
  • Guidance plates for easy assembly.

Salt Bath Trailer

No matter the custom manufacturing problem – we see endless opportunities and solutions. As the #1 custom solution manufacturer in Western Canada, Wabash Mfg. Inc. designed a full-scale insulated stainless-steel reservoir in order to store over 40 cubes of molten salt. Surpassing all safety and longevity standards, this is one impressive piece of innovation.

Wash Truck

Our Wash Trucks are manufactured to meet the specifications of each customer.  The design is great for cleaning mining dump boxes. Options for these tanks are:

  • carbon steel, stainless steel, fiberglass, or aluminum.
  • boom lengths from 23′ to 70′ or can be customized to suit specific needs.
  • mounted on chassis ranging from 5 ton to 40 ton with remote activated electric monitor with adjustable jet available.
  • Multi-compartment tanks for different products, high pressure nozzles, and several pump options available; ranging from 100psi to 3,000psi.

Honey Storage Vessel

A local honey producer in Western Canada needed a custom honey storage vessel built. While you might think this is a complex request, our specialists rose to the occasion and created a unique solution just for this customer. We are proud to offer this level of dedication to each customer’s needs and provide them the solutions they couldn’t find anywhere else.

You provide the problem. We provide the solution.
No problem is too big, or too small. 

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Take a look at some of the Custom Solutions we’ve created. Our team of innovators proudly rise to the occasion.

Vac Truck opening


Time, as they say, is money. Our mining support solutions are designed to save you time and money. We provide mining support equipment that will maximize your productivity and performance, while minimizing downtime and maintenance.

fluid haulings


If you need responsive fluid hauling equipment designed to go the distance, you’re in the right place. Wabash supply custom fluid hauling solutions in a variety of configurations.

Mobile Staircase


We’ve worked on a range of novel problems for our diverse client base. The Wabash team are always looking to apply their technical skills and innovative thinking to new problems.