Pressure Truck

At Wabash Mfg. Inc. we understand that every client and every project is unique and has different needs. That is why we aim to specifically engineer a wide range of equipment to fit the needs of individual clients. By listening to the needs of our clients, we can develop the best solutions catered to them. We do not shy away from challenges and will take on any project given to us, no matter how big, or small. Here is a brief look at some of our custom equipment solutions:

Custom Fluid Hauling Equipment

We supply responsive fuel hauling equipment that is available in various configurations according to a client’s specifications. By using our knowledge of the industry and combining it with the latest technologies, we can supply clients with customizable units that will perform best for them so that we can ensure a cost-effect, time-effective and profitable solution for each project. 

Our custom fluid transport equipment includes:

Custom Mining Support Equipment

We aim to save our clients valuable time and money. That is why we want to tailor our solutions to increase productivity while minimizing downtime and maintenance.  We offer a wide range of oilfield and mining support equipment with custom equipment solutions to fit your needs. 

Our mining support equipment includes:

Specialty Equipment

While we have been servicing clients, we have come to find that many novel problems can arise. When faced with new problems, we do our best to use our expertise and innovative team to find the absolute best customized solutions. As a custom manufacturer, we often find ourselves working alongside clients and analyzing their unique problems; so together we can find a sustainable long-term solution for any project.

Some of our specialty equipment includes;

  • Custom Truck Decks: Wabash Mfg. will design and build heavy duty truck decks for almost any model of truck chassis requested by our client.  We provide a number of standard flat bed options including a double drop rear step, chain rails, LED work lights, beacon lights and buggy whip. We can also integrate unique requests for our clients such as retractable hose reels, inverters with retractable cable reel, air compressors and hydraulic oil dispense tanks to name a few. 
  • Custom Mobile Staircase Trucks:  The Adjustable Custom Mobile Staircase Trucks manufactured by Wabash Mfg. are designed for stability and to provide easier access to difficult-to-reach locations. They are built with top-quality steel or aluminum products to provide safe and dependable operations for the foreseeable future. 
  • Gravel Scoops: Our Gravel Scoops are custom designed to fit any skid steer or loader in sizes from 1200kgs to 3500kgs of product. The custom mounts for all loaders are NDT tested, perfect for working in hard-to-reach areas and making work easier and more precise.
  • Steamer Trucks:   These custom trucks are designed to pump out hot water or steam at high pressures and are typically used in the oilfield and mining industry. People use steam trucks for a variety of reasons, such as thawing, cleaning tanks, culverts and equipment, amongst other things. 
  • Power Distribution Skid: These skids assist with stable power distribution, which is critical on any job site. Durable and easy to move via forklift, our power distribution skids can be used in all sorts of industries to service various tools and equipment from one source of power. 
  • Skip Boxes:  Also known as debris boxes, these durable containers are used to collect, sort and transport virtually anything from tools and equipment to metal or wood debris. They have been designed to be safely and easily moved to, from or around any site by crane, truck or forklift.
  • Tracked Elevating Device (T.E.D.™) : Wabash is the exclusive distributor of T.E.D. in Canada, Washington, Idaho, North Dakota, and Minnesota. T.E.D. is a safety-centric device that was cleverly designed to eliminate the workplace risk associated with suspended load hazards. The design also allows for on-site servicing, and removes the need to move your equipment back to the workshop, significantly reducing equipment downtime and costs.

At Wabash, our expert team strives to go the extra mile for all of our clients, which is why we also handle the inspection, servicing and repair of products and vehicles. Along with our very own repair facility, we are a Transport Canada registered facility for inspection and testing of highway tanks and portable tanks per CSA standard. We are also able to provide solutions internationally as we export to the USA and Asia and service clients in Africa, Mongolia and South America. Contact us today!