Twin Custom Water Trucks

Excessive airborne dust particles on mining and construction sites can cause a variety of potential safety and health hazards for both workers and nearby areas. Dust suppression safety measures can be followed by using water trucks to suppress this dust before it becomes a cause of significant concern for companies. These trucks can easily prevent dust pollution at a low cost by spraying water directly onto the ground.

Dust Suppression Practices

Here are some tips for following best practices when using water trucks:

  • Do not oversaturate the earth. Follow safety guidelines at all times when working with water trucks to suppress dust. Be careful not to make the ground too wet as this will create mud and puddles that can lead to slips and accidents.
  • Use safety equipment when loading and unloading. It might be necessary to get on top of the water tank to load it. Using safety equipment such as catwalks on the side of the tank can significantly reduce the risks of falling.
  • Keep the environment in mind. Using these trucks requires trained operators who know how to apply the right amount of water to successfully control dust while minimizing oversaturation of the ground and erosion problems. It is recommended that worksites remain vigilant of the impact that water truck usage can have on the ground to adequately clean and impact the least amount of earth. 
  • Do not overload your truck. Water trucks usually have a weight limit. This weight limit is to ensure the stability and longevity of the truck and to prevent damage to the roads. Overloading a water truck can cause the driver to lose control, leading to unwanted accidents.
  • Prepare a spraying schedule. It is best not to water your entire site all at once. Instead, plan ahead to reduce the amount of exposed soil and prevent dust.

Advantages of An Effective Dust Control Program

Effective methods of dust control on your site can offer numerous benefits, including:

  1. Improved roads: Dust can not adequately keep road surfaces together but instead creates dangerous roads that erode with every storm or car passing by. This will develop ruts and potholes that can cause damage to vehicles. By suppressing dust, you use moisture to bind fine particles and aggregate so that the roads remain stable, durable and safe.
  2. Lower maintenance costs: Improved roads mean less maintenance of roads and equipment, which saves you money. Unpaved roads maintain their integrity for longer and only need upkeep now and then. Vehicles driving on well-maintained roads will also require less maintenance and repairs as uneven and broken roads can cause damage to vehicles.
  3. Better safety: Dust clouds can impair visibility on your site. It can also cause vehicles to lose traction and tire grip, extend stopping distances and can cause drivers to lose control of vehicles. Controlling the dust means that the visibility will improve on your site overall.
  4. Environmental protection: By controlling dust, fine particles are prevented from becoming airborne and causing health issues or damaging crops and vegetation. Dust suppressants also keep these particles from reaching streams, groundwater and waterways, where they can develop sediment levels dangerous to aquatic life.
  5. Improved health conditions: Fewer dust particles mean fresher air and fewer respiratory health complications. This means that workers will be healthier, happier and have a better quality of life. Health issues caused by excessive dust are an issue of concern for many communities close to mining and construction sites.

You can ensure that your everyday operations go smoothly through the control of dust by using a trustworthy water truck with outstanding equipment. Wabash Mfg. Inc. can provide you with custom support equipment to ensure that your water tankers are fully prepared to meet your requirements.