BTMF Truck

Wabash Mfg. Inc.’s Railroad Track Maintenance Truck

This Railroad Track Maintenance truck is designed to complement a track maintenance crew. Capable of hauling 2 – 40’ rail strings and placing them with its 8.5 tm Cobra crane. This BTMF Truck is up to the task to ensure your track maintenance crews are able to complete their repairs and maintenance safely, effectively, and efficiently.

This unit features a Continental Railworks Hi-Rail system, a BOSS 185 CFM compressor for cleaning switches, 2 – Dual flow rate hydraulic tool circuits, a hydraulically actuated tool tree, and various additional integrated rail tool storage solutions such as rail saw, spike maul, oxy-acetylene torch, and more.

Each BTMF truck can be configured to your crew’s exact specifications and is available in both single axle and tandem configurations.