Articulating Fuel and Lube Truck

Wabash Mfg. Inc. is a custom manufacturer and repair facility for heavy equipment and vehicles used in the mining, fluid transport, pipeline and road construction industries.

Our goal is to provide our international clientele with solutions to their problems, no matter how big or small. Our expert teams can provide you with a wide array of oilfield and mining equipment, as well as custom equipment solutions built to withstand years of age.

Mining Support Equipment To Solve A Wide Range Of Problems

The Wabash team is always looking to apply their technical skills and innovative thinking to new problems, granting us our hard-earned reputation for providing perfectly tailored solutions. Here are some of the Mining Support Equipment solutions we offer:

  • Mobile Maintenance Trailer: Wabash Mfg. Inc. is proud of the continued success of our Mobile Maintenance Trailers, which are known for their durability, innovation and longevity.  These self contained units can be customized to include a lunchroom, work area, workbench or parts cleaning station. These in-field mobile maintenance trailers can also be fitted with heat and AC so they can be used year round in the harshest conditions.
  • Mobile Lunch Rooms: Our mobile lunch rooms offer a well equipped room for on site personnel to refresh and refuel. Also helps reduce equipment downtime, keeping staff onsite and improving morale.  Wabash Mfg. builds custom manufactured mobile lunch rooms with multiple configurations and to our customer’s specifications.
  • Fuel Transport Trucks: Our heavy duty fuel trucks can be used as a mobile fuel station to refuel other equipment in the field and with fuel data monitoring they offer superior convenience.  Our tanks can deliver up to 23,000 Liters at a rate of 4000 liters per minute and can be attached to a range of different truck chassis.
  • Fuel and Lube Trucks: These trucks help keep your heavy equipment running by providing fuel, lube, grease, anti-freeze, coolants and other liquids needed for the ongoing maintenance of onsite equipment.  They can be fully customized to your specifications and are available in several configurations to help your mining, construction oilfield and forestry operations run smoothly.
  • Lube Skids and Lube Islands: These custom manufactured solutions are insulated and double-walled. They can also be built with different compartment tanks and come with the option of being heated.
  • Articulating Fuel and Lube Trucks:  These trucks are designed for maximum stability and to be fully customizable to include hose reels, filtration, remote fill options, digital fluid level indicators, staircases and dispense metering.  We offer several configurations for articulating truck chassis and these trucks are specially designed for superior integration with Caterpillar tractors.  All tank designs, capabilities and specifications can be adjusted to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Off-road Vacuum Truck: These trucks are designed to dewater mine roads in rough terrain, hold up to 25 000L and come with various add-ons, including cold weather packages, light packages and camera systems.

About Wabash Custom Components

We believe that there is no such thing as one size fits all, and our in-house engineering teams use their expertise to design customized solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs.

As with all Wabash custom solutions, our mining support solutions are designed to save you time and money. There is no problem too big or too small – our staff are known for their superior technical training and will listen to you to develop a solution you need, from materials through to custom design.

The vehicles and equipment provided by Wabash are engineered explicitly for Western Canada’s mining operations and conditions, meaning they can withstand extreme climatic conditions. The quality of workmanship and the materials used mean that you can be sure that you are purchasing equipment that is reliable, efficient, effective and built for the long haul.

Our team knows what it takes to create solutions that work, which is why we work hard to ensure that your equipment does what you need it to – reducing costs, minimizing equipment downtime and increasing your profits.

Customizing Units To Reflect Your Business

From Fluid Hauling Vehicles to Mobile Lunchrooms to Fuel Delivery trucks, Wabash aims to help you find solutions that can help improve your workplace safety, decrease costs, drive profits, and promote efficiency and productivity.

We also want to ensure that your equipment reflects your business, which is why we give you the option to customize your vehicle and unit according to your company’s colour scheme and logo.

As a Wabash customer, you will have a designated Project Manager that will listen to precisely what you want and need. The Project Manager finds out everything they can about your challenges, from the environment your truck will be used in, to the colour of paint you would like it to be. The Engineering & Design team experts then recommend the best materials and features suited to you and your budget.

Most of our clients make up a part of the mining and oil field sectors, but we never shy away from a challenge. If you have a problem but can’t find the solution you’re after, come to us and see what we can do for you.