Fuel Trucks


Standard Specs on off-road Fuel Delivery Trucks for sale include:

  • Elliptical Aluminum
  • Mounted on various truck models such as F550 or Dodge Ram.
  • Approx. overall dimensions 8’8″ X 4’8′
  • Onboard fuel delivery monitoring
  • Exterior and Interior operator stations
  • 3850L capacity, single compartment tank
  • 16″ Tiona 406 vented manway lid with 8″ opening
  • Low loop rear centre ladder with five 15″ wide rungs
  • 52″ wide tank mounted side cabinet
  • Cellular Data Management System option for simple way to track fuel usage
  • Designed to operate in tight spaces that have maximum height restrictions or reduced turnaround area
  • Federal and provincial regulations complaint

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Since we provide bulk fuel delivery trucks to many industries, it can be challenging to find a one-size fits all solution for this kind of mobile equipment. But our in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities make Fuel Truck customization easy. All of our products can be built to suit your exact business needs.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Fuel Delivery Trucks have become an increasingly popular business venture.

Contact us today to find out more details on these mobile fuel trucks and how you can take advantage of business opportunities.