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As a full spectrum, custom solution manufacturer, Wabash Mfg. Inc. was pleased to be selected to design and fabricate an insulated stainless steel reservoir and trailer package to specifically store and maintain up to 40 cubes of molten salt. 


This fully self-contained unit, powered by a 20kva diesel generator and three submerged high temp probes, is capable of accurately and efficiently maintaining the liquid salt at temperatures of up to 300 Degrees Celsius, although typical temperature is around 260 Degrees Celsius. 


With safety and longevity being at the forefront of this highly specialized product,  the unit boasts a full length and width stainless steel walkway, with three point stairway access and collapsible handrails.  While deployed on site, the complete trailer package is supported by a series of hydraulic and manual stabilizers, operated by high capacity hydraulic power-pack system to ensure operator comfort and security.

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